this is a total mess just give us some time

introductory paragraph here. index, index, index stuff. hi, we're the Petrichor Polyplex. pronouns. intro to the site. links to main things; info on polyplex, member pages linked from here maybe? maybe. page on witchcraft and our practice. page on our collective alterhumanity and how we view it. page on our collective opinions. link to hub page for religious pages (shrines, whatever else people might want to have pages for). page on terminology we use, possibly? page to collective blinkie/stamp/etc collection. contact links, etc page. i kind of want to have a page that's literally just introductions to our plushies

links on the side to main things, possibly subsections. links on left side. possibly animated rain background for site? would that be epilepsy triggering? maybe just a still image of rain from Unsplash or something, with like.. rain pixels scattered around as deco. that reminds me, we'll want a credits page for deco, backgrounds, etc we use

other ideas: page on Ethji, list of Picrews we use often, links & other sites page,

Ethji link on terminology page. Picrews links on credits page. plushies on hoard page